Brake Master Cylinder

You need not always contact a technician to install the Brake Master Cylinder in your car. The steps listed below would help you to install it yourself. This way, you would save a lot of money as you would not need to look for a technician every time some kind of replacement or repairing is required. However, if you are unable to understand any one of the following steps, we advise you to consult a professional:

•    The brake fluid might spill in case you are doing it for the first time and the paint of your car might get damaged. Hence, it is important that you cover all the important body parts before starting the operation. You can use plastic bags to cover the internal parts of the car which you do not want to get covered with the fluid oil. Also, if you feel that some kind of fluid have been spilled already, clean it properly and in case you are going to dispose of some of the older fluid, do it properly, else it might harm the environment.

Brake Master Cylinder•    Once you have covered everything properly, make sure that you have worn complete eye protection and read the user manual of the master brake cylinder. Do not skip even a single guideline and follow the precaution if you want to do the job safely. In case the fluid oil gets into your eyes somehow, wash your eyes immediately and see a doctor as soon as possible.

•    To start the procedure, open the tube nuts which attach the brakes to the brake master cylinder so that they could be detached. However, do not remove them completely, your job is only to loosen them, otherwise, if you misplace something or you try to fit a wrong nut in the wrong position, there might be problem afterwards. Hence, be careful. You can also use a flare-nut wrench in case you are not sure how to do it properly.

•    To make sure that the dirt or dust do not enter the fluid or the brake master cylinder, make sure that the ends are plugged as soon as you loosen the tube nuts. To do this, you should keep in mind that the brake lines are put away from eth master cylinder, but not too much.

•    The next step is an important one and you need to do it right. Inthis step, you would have to remove the brake master cylinder, but make sure that you remove the right nuts and keep it after removing safely. The mounting nuts need to be removed, that’s it.

•    There might be some kind of older fluid remaining in the diaphragm. To remove it, open the lid completely and keep a complete check on the reservoir. The fluid that is contained inside the reservoir must be discarded and if you think you can use it elsewhere, drop that thought.

•    Now, based on the condition of the Brake Master Cylinder, you have to decide whether you want to discard it and remove it completely, or you want to repair it and install it again. However, make sure that you make the decision correctly and it should not be only based on price, but also on the safety factor. If you are not experienced enough to decide, it is advisable to get it checked from a professional. Also, if there is some kind of warrantyavailable on the master cylinder, avail it.

•    Now, the procedure to install the repaired or the brand new cylinder starts. You just have to follow the above steps in reverse order and do the job. Be careful in each of the step.

•    The master cylinder, when installed, should be filled with the fluid oil properly. Make sure that you have chosen the right kind of oil and are following the right method to fill it in the cylinder. After that, cover the diaphragm properly.

•    Once everything is done, make sure that there is no air left in the system, for that, you just have to bleed the brakes of the car many times.